John Schwartz

John Schwartz, Pastor


John Schwartz is a 1993 graduate of K-State. After extensive Ichthus leadership as a student, he served three years as a high school youth minister before returning to Manhattan in the fall of 1996. John and his wife Jeanette have five children: Joshua, Juliana, Jayna, Jessa, and Jensen. They are delighted to be in the “Promised Land”helping students better know and follow Christ in all areas of their lives.


Matt Amick

Matt Amick, Staff

Matt is a 2012 graduate of K-State, majored in Finance and Accounting and was a part of Ichthus for 4 years. During this time, he held extensive leadership at Ichthus. After graduation, he worked for a year in Kansas City at KPMG as an auditor before being called back to Ichthus. He will also be attending MAP Seminary during this time, with the goal of staying in Manhattan long term. Matt enjoys backpacking, ultimate frisbee, K-State sports and loves college students.


Jake Douglas

Jake Douglas, Staff

Jake graduated from K-State in 2014 with a degree in Family Studies and Human Services. He served as a leader in the Ichthus community for the four years he was in school, and is currently attending MAP Seminary.  He and his wife Megan hope to stay in Manhattan long term and continue loving, serving, and participating in the community that is Ichthus.